FINNERN GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1983 by Roswitha and Joachim Finnern. The first brands included Schmusy and Rinti. These were later followed by Miamor, Kattovit, Reddy and many others.
You can find out more about the history of FINNERN and its brands here.

The FINNERN pet food family
The FINNERN pet food family is an independent family business and is not associated with any major pet food companies. Family business too, because dogs and cats are today regarded as members of the family, a fact which is reflected in attitudes to their diet.

Animal feed from around the world
As an independent supplier, we benefit from the ability to select the finest specialities from around the world, such as fish pieces from Thailand, patés from Canada, pure lamb meat from New Zealand, chicken meat products from Ireland and meat from Norway.

Scientific expertise
With a team of dog and cat food nutritionists, our products are developed to meet the specific needs of pets and animal lovers.

Specialist quality
Our products differ in quality from standard supermarket products in the choice of feed materials used and preparation. We have therefore elected to sell our products exclusively via specialist retailers. These include pet stores, feed stores, garden centres, pet departments and agricultural feed suppliers.

Verden is our home town, a town we happen to share with a major pet food group. This, however, is the only thing we have in common and we do not have any business relationship with them.

Social Media
Various product pages have been created on social media websites (e.g. Facebook). These were not created by us and we cannot be contacted via these pages. Please contact us using the contact form on this website or email info [at]